402 W Swedesford Rd.
Berwyn, PA 19312
(610) 725-8888
Lotus Inn – Berwyn, PA


Soup & Salad

Wonton Soup   2.95

Egg Drop Soup   2.95

**Hot & Sour Soup   2.95

Miso Soup   2.95

Crabmeat  Asparagus Soup   5.50

Seafood Bean Curd Chowder   5.50

House Special Wonton Soup   5.50

**Thai Spicy Tom Yum Soup w. Chicken   4.95 / Shrimp   5.25

Thai Style Coconut Soup w. Chicken   4.95

Seaweed Salad   5.50

Garden Salad   4.95

Avocado Salad   5.95

Traditional  Appetizers

Crispy Vietnamese Spring Roll     4.75

Egg Roll or Vegetable Spring Roll    2.25

B.B.Q. Spare Ribs    8.50

Scallion Pancakes   4.95

Meat or Vegetable Dumpling   7.95
         Steamed or Fried

Crabmeat Shumai    8.25

Crabmeat Cheese Fried Wonton    5.95

Vegetable Tempura   6.95

Shrimp Tempura   8.25

Gyoza (shrimp)  7.25

Edamame    5.95

Chef’s  Special  Appetizers

Shrimp Stuffed Crab Claws   7

Wasabi Grilled Mussels   9

String Bean Tempura   6

Lobster Spring Roll   7

Thai Style Chicken Satay   7

Pan Seared Diver Scallop w. Mango Salsa   10

Steamed New Zealand Mussel w. Black Bean Sauce   9    

Traditional Chinese

*General Tso’s Chicken  14.95 / Shrimp 16.95 / Tofu  11.95

Crispy Sesame Chicken 14.95 / Beef 15.95 / Shrimp 16.95

Broccoli w. Chicken  12.95 / Beef 13.95 / Prawn 15.95

*Garlic Sauce w. Chicken 12.95 / Beef 13.95 / Pork 12.95 / Shrimp 15.95

Mixed Vegetable w. Chicken 12.95 /  Beef 13.95 / Roast Pork 12.95 / Shrimp 15.95

**Szechuan Style Chicken 12.95 / Beef 13.95 / Shrimp 15.95

Mu Shu Chicken 12.95 / Pork   12.95

**Kong Pao Chicken  12.95 / Shrimp 15.95 / Fish Fillet  15.95

Peking Duck

Half Duck 19
Whole Duck 33

Vegetable & Bean Curd  

Vegetarian Delight   11

*Eggplant w. Garlic Sauce   11

*String Bean w. Garlic Sauce   11

*Broccoli w. Garlic Sauce   11

Bean Curd Home Style   11

**Bean Curd Szechuan Style   11

Sautéed Chinese Broccoli  11  / w. Chicken 14 / w. Beef 15

Sautéed Shanghai Bok Choy 11  / w. Chicken 14 / w. Shrimp 17 / w. Scallop 18


Steamed Flounder Fillet w. Lemon Cilantro Vinaigrette   17

Grilled Salmon Fillet w. Teriyaki Sauce   18
served on a bed of mixed vegetables and Japanese udon noodle

Crispy Stripe Bass Fillet w. Black Bean Sauce   18
served on a bed of shanghai bok choy

Grilled Salmon Fillet w. Orange Miso Glaze   18
served w. asparagus and mashed sweet potato

**Sautéed X.O. Fish Fillet w. Mixed Julienned Vegetables  17
in chef’s gourmet Chinese B.B.Q. sauce

Steamed Salmon Fillet w. Light Soy Ginger Scallion Sauce  18
served on a bed of shanghai bok choy

Chef’s  Specials

Mango Shrimp  18 /  Chicken   14
sautéed w. peppers and onion in fresh blended mango sauce

**Spicy Basil  Jalapeño Chicken   14 / Shrimp  18
sautéed in spicy Szechuan sauce and fresh basil

**Thai Style Avocado Shrimp   18
sautéed in sweet tamarind sauce and served on a bed of rice noodle

**Tender Beef w. Sake Black Pepper Sauce   17 /  Chicken  14
served on sizzling platter

** Spicy Honey Walnut Chicken   14 / Shrimp   18
Sautéed white meat chicken in the sweet chili sauce served with steamed snow peas

Chicken Lettuce Wrap  14
Diced white meat chicken sautéed with chopped  vegetables and pine nuts served with fresh Iceberg lettuce, sweet soy and sriracha sauce on the side

***Rib Eye Steak w. Asian Satay Sauce   19
Sautéed rib eye steak cubes with vegetables in chef’s special sauce served on a bed of noodle

Five Spice Wok  Shu Duck   19
Boneless slow roasted Long Island Duck topped with chef’s special five spice sauce and served with julienned vegetables

Pineapple Wok Shu Duck   19
Boneless slow roasted Long Island Duck topped with sweet pineapple flavored brown sauce and served with mixed vegetables

Peking Style Pork Chop   14
Crispy boneless pork tender loin topped with Peking style tangy sweet sauce

*Asian Style Seafood Jambalaya   18
Assorted seafood in light yellow curry sauce served on a bed of fried rice and topped with melted mozzarella cheese

Lotus Seafood Casserole   21
Shrimp , scallop, calamari, mussels and lobster tail with mixed vegetables in black bean sauce

**Fire Cracker Shrimp   18
Sautéed jumbo shrimp in chef’s special spicy tomato sauce

Classic Prawn   18
Crispy jumbo shrimp in chef’s special fruity mayonnaise cream sauce served with steamed snow peas

Asian Cuisine

***Ocean of Thai   19
Assorted Seafood with vegetables in Thai Spicy Tom Yum Sauce

***Green Curry Chicken  14 /  Beef  15
Stewed green curry with carrots, potato, eggplant, string bean, Bamboo shoots and peas

***Thai Ginger Chicken  14 / Beef  15
Sautéed with ginger, onion, mushroom, bell pepper and snow peas in Thai chili sauce

***Fish Fillet w. Thai Sweet Chili Sauce  17
Crispy Flounder fillet with pineapple, tomato, celery, bell pepper and onion in Thai sweet and chili sauce

***Thai Basil Sriracha Chicken  14 / Shrimp  18
Sautéed with basil, mushroom, onion, bell pepper and asparagus in spicy sriracha sauce

Rice & Noodles

**Pad Thai Noodle w. Chicken 12 / Shrimp  13

Chow Fon w. Chicken 12 / Beef 13

***Drunken Noodle (w. Chicken, Shrimp & Vegetables)   13

**Singapore Noodle(w. Chicken, Pork & Shrimp)   12

Crispy Pan Fried Noodle w. Vegetable 12 / Chicken 13 / Seafood 16

**Thai Curry Chicken Fried Rice w. Cashew Nuts & Pineapple   12

Coconut Fried Rice w. Pineapple & Mango   11

*Mildly Spicy  **Medium Spicy  ***Very Spicy


Sushi Dinner
Fixed Dinner By Chef, No Substitute

Assorted Tuna Sushi    26.50
8pcs of  assorted red, white ,blacked tuna sushi & spicy tuna roll

Tuna Lover’s Dinner  26.50
5pcs sushi/sashimi and tuna roll

Salmon Lover’s Dinner   24.50
5 pcs sushi/sashimi & salmon roll

Unagi Lover’s Dinner   26.50
8 pcs eel of sushi & eel roll

Sushi & Sashimi Combo (20pcs)  26.50

Sushi Regular (7pcs & California Roll)  22.50

Sushi Deluxe (9pcs & Tuna Roll) 24.50

Sashimi Deluxe (18 pcs)  25.50

Chirashi  18.50

Sushi & Sashimi for Two 49.50

Sushi & Sashimi for Four 69.50


Vegetable Teriyaki  11.50

Chicken  15.50

Sirloin Steak  19.50

Salmon  19.50

Shrimp 19.50

Seafood  20.50


Vegetable 12.50

Chicken  15.50

Shrimp 19.50

Sushi / Sashimi
2pc each order / $1 extra for sashimi


Maguro(Tuna)  6

White Tuna   6.50

Blackened Tuna   6

Hamachi(Yellow Tail)  6.50

Hirami(Fluke)  5.50

Sake(Salmon)  5.50

Ika(Squid)  5

Saba(Mackerel)  5


Smoked Salmon  6

Tako(Octopus)  5.50

Ebi(Shrimp)  6.50

Unagi(Eel)  6.50

Tomago(Egg Custard)  4.50

Kanikama(Crab Stick)  5

Hokigai(Surf Clam)  5.50

Roll & Hand Roll
6pc each roll


Tuna Roll  5.50

Salmon Roll   5

Spicy Tuna Roll  6

Y/T Scallion Roll  5.50


California Roll  5

Cucumber Roll  4.50

Shrimp Roll  5.50

Boston Roll   5.50

Eel Roll  6.50

Phili Roll  6

Alaskan Roll  5.50

Spider Roll  10.50

Avocado Roll   4.50

Salmon Skin Roll  5.50

Shrimp Tempura Roll  6.50

Spicy Chicken Tempura Roll  5.50

Gourmet Special Rolls

Lotus Inn Roll  14.95
salmon & avocado inside topped with yellow tail, white tuna & tobiko

Forest Hill Roll  15.95
tuna, salmon, white fish, mango, asparagus, jalapeno and tobiko wrapped in green soy lace topped w. wasabi mango sauce    

**Deluxe Rainbow Roll  14.95
spicy tuna & crunch inside topped with assorted fish & tobiko

Spider Man Roll   14.95
soft shell crab tempura inside topped with tuna, salmon, eel ,avocado & tobiko  

**Monkey Roll   14.95
shrimp tempura inside topped w. tuna, salmon, white fish, eel & tobiko

Pop Up Roll  14.95
spicy crunch kani inside topped fresh salmon & wasabi tobiko

**Tiger Roll  13.95
spicy crunch salmon inside topped w. shrimp & avocado w. wasabi mayo  

Ninji Roll  12.95
tuna, shrimp, cucumber & asparagus inside topped w. red & black tobiko

**Godzilla Roll   13.95
deep fried roll w. tuna, salmon, white fish , avocado & chef’s special sauce

**Valentine Roll   15.95
salmon, kani & avocado inside topped w. spicy crunch tuna

**Crazy Tuna Roll   14.95
Pepper tuna & avocado inside topped w. spicy crunch tuna, wasabi mayo  & passion fruit sauce

**Volcano Roll    15.95
Tuna , salmon, yellow tail, avocado & kani wrapped in pink soy lace

**Wasabi Maki     14.95
spicy  yellow tail, tuna,  & crunch topped with avocado &  wasabi tobiko

**Dynamite Roll   9
Tuna, yellow tail, scallion & tobiko w. spicy sauce

Special Naruto Roll (5pcs)    13.50
Tuna, salmon, yellow tail & tobiko wrapped with cucumber